How to redeem Gocash game code
  • Specific instructions can be found in the game info of our homepage. Basically, you select the game you’d like to play.
  • Go to the payment page, and select “GoCash Game Card” as your payment option and then follow the instructions provided.
  • Go to 7-11 eleven stores near by you after you get the bar codes at the payment page and select “Paynear me” as a payment option.

  • Will may card expire?
    Your GoCash Game Card must be redeemed within one year from the date of activation (the date you purchased your GoCash Game Card from the retailer or Gocash home page). 
    Can I spilt the value of a cards ?
    Yes. If you have a GoCash Game Card, you may redeem the partial amount at once. You may split the value of the card among different game portals. For example, if you bought a $10 GoCash Game card, you can redeem it for the $5 and you can redeem $5 in a different game portal. 
    Can I change my mine after redeemed?
    No. All GoCash Game Card sales are final per the GoCash Game Card.
    Can I use my card for games not on your list?
    No. GoCash Game Cards may only be redeemed for games that are available on the “Games List" page.
    I can’t find a GoCash Game Card that features my game
    You may redeem any GoCash Game Card for any game displayed on the GoCash Game website— regardless of the game(s) shown on the front of the card. If you are having troubles redeeming your GoCash Game Card, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    Go Points

    How do I earn Gopoints
    You will need an account with GoCash Game Card. In order to earn GoPoints, you will need to log-in before you redeem your GoCash Game Card. GoPoints will be awarded only if you log-in before you redeem your card.

    You also earn GoPoints by participating in first joining event that will be held periodically.
    What are Gopoints useful for
    GoPoints are useful for many things. You can gather much more GoPoints to become a Gold Member, accumulate enough to redeem many gift rewards.


    Why I should l sign up now?
    By making an account with GoCash Game Card, you will be able to

    1. Earn GoPoints on your redemptions!
    2. Track redemption history on your profile page!
    3. Enjoy special events & promotions with GoCash!
    5. Have a chance to become a Gold Member!

    Why wait? Sign-up today. It’s completely free.
    What is member ship benefits
    For a full list of member benefits, please click here.
    Which differences between Regular member ship and Gold membership
    GoPoints for Gold membership are doubled and you can get a more chance to participate in various events.

    Purchasing and Refunds

    Where to buy
    GoCash Game Cards are available at 7-Eleven, and at various stores . For a full list of retailers please see the home page.
    Can I purchase cards dilectly from you?
    Yes. Simply login or sign-up for a new account with us and you’ll be able to buy GoCash, easily and securely.
    Can I get a refund if I cancel my game account?
    Once a GoCash Game Card is redeemed for game money, the value of the game money follows the Terms and Conditions of the game portal. Please check with your game portal regarding refunds.

    Others Questions

    If you are having any troubles redeeming your GoCash Game Card, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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