The Road of the Rings Online


Game : English

Traits and Deeds

The Deed system offers challenges based, in part, on your chosen Race and Class. As you adventure throughout Middle-earth, you will complete Deeds based on exploration, combat, and more. By completing Deeds you earn rewards, such as Turbine Points and character titles like "Orc-slayer" and "Watcher of the Roads". The most powerful reward that you can earn through deeds are Traits. Traits enhance your character's abilities when equipped and allow you to grow in power and concentrate your skills in areas that mean the most to your hero.

Epic Story

The Epic Story is an ongoing series of adventures, or quests, steeped with intrigue and action. These adventures begin the moment you start playing, and feature characters like Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Strider, Ranger of the North; during significant events in the Epic Story, Session Play lifts you from your hero's shoes and puts you in temporary control of a legendary character. But no matter the method of storytelling, you will always earn rewards for your developing hero.


Skirmishes are objective driven battles you create, customize, and instantly teleport to from any place and time you please. Objective types include offensive, defensive, and survival and rewards from these battles pile up in the form of armour, weaponry, and more. Iconic Skirmish locations include Weathertop, The Shire, Moria, and many more. Skirmishes can be played solo or with up to 11 friends and AI Soldiers which are customizable characters that can aid you in battle and range from archers and healers to damage dealers and defenders.

Legendary Items

Legendary weapons and accessories are an additional path of advancement. Their capabilities are enhanced through equipped collectibles and level-up as you use them to defeat opponents. You can further customize your Legendary Item by giving it a unique name. Like the ancient blade, Sting—found by the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins in his youth, and nearly 100 years later, gifted to his adopted nephew Frodo Baggins in The Fellowship of the Ring—a Legendary Item's deep history is equaled only by its capacity for great power.

Player vs. Monster Player

Take an occasional break from adventuring with LOTRO's unique Player vs. Monster Player (PvMP) combat. In PvMP you enlist as a soldier for Sauron! Fight as brutish Uruk-hai, vicious Orc, cunning Warg, or stealthy Spider. Gain Infamy and Renown as a servant of the Dark Lord, or bring your heroic character to the Ettenmoors to challenge Monster Players in exciting combat. No matter which side you choose, victory in PvMP brings riches and rewards in the form of armour, weapons, and more.


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