War2 glort


Game : English

War2 Glory is a free2play strategy game that puts you in charge of your own fledgling empire that you will develop into a powerhouse of military might. Establish a foothold and rapidly expand into new territory, conquering enemy players in intense and deeply-strategic battles.

Set during World War II, War2 Glory tests your ability to lead an manage an empire. Will you buckle under the pressure or forge your own path to greatness? Take the fight to the enemy on land, sea and air with over 40 units at your disposal.

Don’t neglect the Home Front! Without the proper supply of raw resources, your glorious campaign will stop dead. Nurture your City and prepare it for the rigors of war….grow food, produce steel and oil, train troops, assemble vehicles and recruit Officers, Generals and even legendary War Heroes.

A comprehensive Quest log will introduce you to the game and reward you for mastering Combat, Production and Politics, yielding access to unique items and equipment!


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