Mighty Party


Game : English

Mighty Party is a popular fast-paced and tactical online card role-playing game (RPG). It is published and developed by Panoramik. The official description reveals that it is a very simple and addictive game. Players simply have to tap to put a fighter, also known as a hero, on the battlefield and they allegedly only need three minutes to win.

The game can reveal a player’s tactical skills. Players should identify their opponent’s weaknesses and play heroes who can change the situation on the battlefield. Each battle won will bring players top places in the rankings.

Players are able to obtain and evolve hundreds of heroes and monsters. It is important to note that each hero or monster features unique abilities. Additionally, they have epic combinations of fighting and magic skills.

It is required that players plan their own defence and offensive turn-based strategy with thousands of card combinations. It is recommended that they use their wits, come up with tactics and strategise to defeat their enemies.

In addition to the battles, the game offers various activities for players to participate in, such as in-game events, joining a guild and farming resources, among others.


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